From common stocks and braked shapes, to intricate extrusions, one way or another most all profiles can be curved in multiple directions to achieve almost any floor plan or elevation configuration.

The real question is how tight, and how much distortion is acceptable. This is dictated by the profile’s physical attributes. Material type, size, wall thickness, temper and symmetricity all contribute to the manner a profile responds under pressure. Extrusions can twist, collapse, loose squareness, buckle etc. These are some of the natural tendencies that an extrusion bender has to compensate for.

To keep profile distortion to a minimum, toolings may be employed. For over thirty years we have been bending profiles for a variety of applications, specializing in architectural extrusions. And in that time, we have developed an extensive selection of our own custom tooling geared for bending products from companies such as Kawneer, CMI Architectural, U.S. Aluminum, Vista Wall, Efco, Tubelite, etc.

Willis Tower

Because our technologies are of our own development, we design and fabricate all of our tooling in-house, enabling us to maintain quality control, costs and efficiency. This also means we are readily able to accommodate any project you may have requiring specialized profiles.

Pre-painted, pre-anodized and thermally broken materials are formed on a regular basis; however, each has its own limitations, so please disclose requirements upon quotation requests.