About Us

General Services & Mfg. certainly can not claim to have been in the industry the longest. What gives us the edge is our ingenuity, pursuit for perfection and commitment to a family name. “For we are stubborn Frenchmen and love to bend things to our will”.

Joe Boileau has been involved in metal fabrication most of his life. In 1976, he was injured while on the job and let go. With no one willing to hire him due to physical ailments, he remained unemployed.

In response to a suggestion from a relative (a former represenitive of Harmon Contract), Joe proceeded to design and build prototype benders out of his garage in Blaine, Mn. The initial prototypes were designed for specific contracts rendering them obsolete due to limitations. The industry demanded a system that would accept virtually any shape and form it without damaging the finish. Unable to find a machine universal enough to satisfy customer demands, he went back to the drawing board.

Willis Tower

By 1978, he completed fabrication of a bending machine that would revolutionize the company and allow him to address the industry confidently.

Over the next few years his hard work and ingenuity started paying off and General Services was in need of employees…  In 1982, he hired his first son Daniel to apprentice under him. Over the next  four years he passed on his trade secrets and his stubborn pursuit for perfection.

Again, General Services was in need of more employees… 1996 found us moving to a larger facility just north of Minneapolis, MN where we still operate today.
We have enjoyed a reputation built through word of mouth and would like to take this time to thank all our customers for making it possible.

Sincerely, Daniel Boileau